Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gratuitous Sexiness

Trio of Chocolates - Restaurant August

Chef John Besh’s restaurants are internationally acclaimed for inventive cuisine, and the desserts at this award-winning establishment do not disappoint. Complex flavor is emphasized, so the forms of desserts may change, but the featured tastes remain the same. For example, with the Trio of Spiced Chocolate, the focus is on vanilla-scented white chocolate, milk chocolate with chili, and salt and caramel bittersweet … but whether it will come as a cake, custard, mousse, or other is unpredictable.

Here, a thin, crispy caramel wafer, delicate and light, rests atop a hunk of salted bittersweet. The vanilla element in the middle is represented by hollow "cigarettes," constructed of such sweetness that the crunchiness gets firmly embedded into your molars. They're filled with a fluffy white chocolate type of cream and dusted with confectioner's sugar. The little dish on the left was the chili-spiced chocolate, a creme brulee type of dessert with the faintest hint of pepper. Shaved smooth milk chocolate and a dollop of fresh, rich whipped cream top it off.

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