Monday, March 23, 2009

So Sorry About Squishy Salmon

I am human; therefore, I err. I err; therefore, I am sometimes kind of stupid. The other night, at Sushi Brothers, I exhibited an appalling lack of judgment and forethought and was very promptly very sorry.

After the deliciousness of the tuna tartar at Le Meritage at their grand opening party, I was under the false impression that I was ready to dive into sushi, that I was finally grown up enough to overcome my cultural prejudice against cold and/or raw food as a meal, so feeling rather brave, I ordered the Philadelphia Roll. Smoked salmon, cream cheese, avocado -- all things that are not scary. Smoked salmon, though raw in appearance, is actually cooked. The cream cheese and avocado were things that I was used to being cold, so I figured that wouldn't freak me out.

This assumption was incorrect. In thinking about the flavor, I completely forgot about the fact that I do not like foods that squish, squelch, mush, spread, and squish again ... especially in that order. Which is exactly what the Philadelphia Roll did.

The flavor was fine, but the texture bothered me to the point that I had to discreetly and embarrassingly dispose of my second bite, being unable to stomach it. The salmon had a ham-like taste, as promised, but was in such a huge chunk that it looked too overwhelming and solid, which made it even worse when it dissolved into goo at first bite. The cream cheese was pretty solid, too, but in eating it, it spread across the roof of my mouth and promptly decided to stay there until I figured I really had to work hard at it to get it back onto my tongue. The avocado also has a spreadable texture, which further enhanced the squish factor.

Does this mean I'm back to square one with sushi, limited to crunchy rolls or opting for Bento boxes? Not necessarily. The asparagus tempura roll Boy got was rather delicious, hot in the middle, and eel sauce permeating through the rice. And at just $4, I could justify getting it at Sushi Brothers, especially since Mikimoto charged us an unreasonable $7 for the same thing but smaller last time we went. Snow crab rolls are pretty consistently good, too, and crab (to me), is a "safe" choice.

I did learn one very important lesson out of this unfortunate evening, though, and from now on, I will try much, much harder to think about all the characteristics of food that I do not like rather than just the way it'll taste.


Disclaimer: this is in no way attacking sushi or sushi-lovers; this post is merely an account of a highly regrettable decision I made in forgetting my own preferences. Some people love squelchy food -- I'm just not one of them. And it take all kinds to make this world, no?

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