Monday, April 27, 2009

Eater's Remorse: Golf Gone Bust

It really shouldn't be classified under Eater's Remorse, since I didn't actually get a chance to eat anything, but the food at the Zurich Classic was a bust to me. Since I didn't fill out the media credentials and ended up going as a "normie" (I can't remember where I heard that from ...), access to Acme, Hooter's, and many of the other tents were closed off to me. The Winn-Dixie tent had some pretty good options, the corporate bigwigs having flown their chef down for the event, but by the time lunchtime rolled around, I was done with standing around and being quiet.

Winn-Dixie was offering prime rib, chicken on skewers, cake bites, bourbon salmon, and a medley of good stuff for $15, which was a great value since it was all you could eat. The other tents were not so generous, and cost quite a bit more. I was shocked that Acme Oyster House was selling admission to even go into their food area for $120. $120! Hooters was a whopping $80 for a bucketful of wings and a cold brewski and some other random things. I didn't even bother to ask how much it would be to check out the charbroiled oysters from Drago's and all the stuff they were heating the grill up for in the little courtyard-looking area.

The Coca-Cola tent had pizza from Reginelli's, chicken and jambalaya from WOW Cafe and Wingery, and Pigeon Caterers (which is honestly kind of an unappetizing name for a catering company ...) ran their biggest selection of food from this hub. The mixed seafood platter sounded appetizing, with fried shrimp, fried catfish, stuffed shrimp, and crawfish cakes with a side of coleslaw for $14, but they ran out of the stuffed shrimp and the catfish and were waiting for a new batch when I got up there. The gorgeous TPC course was huge, so I wasn't really quite able to find my way back, and when I did, I was too busy regretting my shoe choice (open toed white heeled sandals) to think about staying to try and get food when I was already ready to leave.

I was also really thirsty by that point, but couldn't bring myself to pay $4 to Pigeon Caterers for Dasani water. I mean, $4 for 20 ounces of a natural substance found in 80% of the Earth? Sorry, dudes -- just quit my day job and I'm paying for my own wedding ... a $4 bottle of non-Evian, Fiji, or Pellegrino is just a "luxury" I don't think is worth it. My $2 lemonade from Arby's tastes just fine to me.

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