Sunday, May 31, 2009

Apologies, and a Plea for Forgiveness

Alack and alas! It seems I’d been remiss in my research and assumed that China was more modern and less controlling than it had been in years of late. Although this assumption has not been entirely incorrect, I neglected to research whether Blogger would be accessible from this country. Obviously, the answer has been no, considering I’ve not been able to post a single damn thing. However, I asked my good friend RGB of to post this on my behalf, and will try to update as much as I can without photos. However, please look forward to super awesome posts after June 11, including the slew of pieces I’ve written up in MS Word, when I return to the states and begin my journey north from there.

So thank you for continuing to read at this point! Hope to see your faces plastered to your screens in mid-June!