Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Epicurean Adventures Go Global!

Well, it seems that my gorging in the fair Crescent City is reaching an unfortunate end; rather quickly, my life has been turned around and it's become necessary, after five wonderful, rewarding and gut-busting years, to blow out of town.

Like I've said to my people at Mudbug (my Clark Kent job) and Where Y'at (my Superman job), this was not a decision that came easily. But as anyone that's lived here would know, salaries aren't what they categorize as "high" in the luxurious city of perpetual poverty, and with Boy's degree in hand but no opportunities, it makes it kind of hard to stay.

However, with this sad news comes some more exciting news!
  1. I'm getting married. In two weeks! I know! *Freaks me out, too.* This leads to points 2 and 3:
  2. Wedding food! Yay, rhapsodizing about the food we're going to have at our pocket-sized gathering!
  3. Honeymoon food! (Read on so you can be psyched, too. I'm going to go into this in a hot minute, so bear with me.)
  4. Even more adventuresome adventure food! (Details in a later post, where I reveal my *temporary* life game plan.)
I know I'm all over the place right now, but I swear, this will all make sense soon.

Essentially, what I'm saying is that although I'm leaving New Orleans again, the Epicurean Adventures will go on, just in different places. My honeymoon, for example. Although we is po', Boy and I are going to be spending 20 intense days traipsing around China and, of course, eating everything in sight that doesn't crawl. (Well, he might eat crawly things, but I'll be the first to say that I have no aspirations of being the next Andrew Zimmern.) How can we afford it? Buy direct, my friends -- this all inclusive guided tour of China is under $4k, including admissions, all flights, 4-5-star accommodations, a river cruise, and of course, FOODS.

As anyone that reads my blog with any frequency should know, I love Chinese food. I have a healthy respect for bastardized/Westernized Chinese takeout food, but growing up just outside of New York City's Chinatown, I have the guts to go authentic, too. Dim sum, here I come!

Can you tell I'm excited? Quite frankly, I'm more excited at the prospect of eating amazing French wedding food, fluffy cake, and exotic cuisine in an exotic locale for pennies on the dollar (the exchange rate is absurd -- who knew you could still do stuff and eat things for $1?) than for the actual nuptials -- no offense to Boy. We've been together for eight years, since high school, and I'm really just not that girly. Which I'm sure surprises no one who knows me personally, considering I took it as a duel-worthy insult when I was told that my wedding dress made me "look like a princess." A princess?! That I am not. Bleah!

Back to the point, as we continue to be suctioned into the dangerous waters of the stream of consciousness ...


Yep, that's all I'm trying to say. It was right there in the title of the post. Why'd I make you suffer through the rigmarole? Because brides don't have to make sense. That's right -- I'm not too girly to play the bride card. HA!

So here's a sneak preview of the places I'll be talking about as I travel halfway around the world, savoring dishes and food innovations invented in one of the ancient cradles of civilization:
  • Beijing (Peking Duck!)
  • Xi'an (dumplings! Infinite dumplings!)
  • Shanghai (seafood! noodles!)
  • Guilin (provincial village food!)
  • Hong Kong (noodles! street vendors galore!)
  • Yangshuo (farmer food!)
  • Suzhou (spicy food! ... I think)
  • Wuxi (famous signature spare ribs!)
  • Nanjing (small plates!)
  • Hanzhou (the world's best tea!)
Won't you come along for the ride?


  1. Wuxi is awesome but smells like someone is breathing an ashtray into your face at all times... and thats a pretty strong statement coming from me.

  2. Lol I'll make sure not to breathe too deeply there!

  3. Sad news for us but exciting for you! AND I'm looking forward to hearing your global reports... Looking forward to hearing where you plan on staying post-honeymoon.
    SO... we DEFINITELY need to eat food together before all this happens! Let's figure out a time. I'm done with classes so I'm game for anything at all.
    Also, in response to your pizza post (which has thoroughly enthralled me), have you tried Theo's? New York Pizza? The white pizza at Slice (my lifeblood)? I'm eager to hear your thoughts...

  4. I'm so hooooonnnnngreeeeee
    and excited to see you!
    too bad I am a bit bulgy in my bridesmaid dress.