Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gratuitous Sexiness: A Sea of Shrimp

A king-sized overflowing fried shrimp po-boy from fabulous Crabby Jack's, by Jacques Leonardi of Jacques-imo's. The amount of shrimp in these sandwiches is such that after eating the overstuffed sandwich, there are enough fallen soldiers on your paper wrapping to make a mini-po-boy later. No joke. Well-seasoned, piping hot, deliciously crunchy with a flaky breading, it's worth the slightly higher than normal prices, especially since one half will satiate the best of them. Consider this: I was full to the brim after splitting one of these and a few big onion rings, and I've been known to outeat men twice my size. The bread is not Leidenheimer bread, but slightly denser and still crisp and satisfying. The trick? Getting there while it's actually open, since the hours are limited and the lines extremely long.

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