Sunday, June 7, 2009

Greetings From Hong Kong and Some Not-So-Empty Promises

Well, I've finally found myself in a place where Blogger isn't blocked, but unfortunately, I have no Internets! Nor do I have any intratubes. However, I've finally located super awesome food, and will be posting about my Epicurean Adventures as soon as I can get somewhere that actually allows me to, you know, use my own computer. Currently, I can't post anything myself onto this blog since I can't read the Chinese characters that allow me to sign into the right place, so my hands are tied. In face, right now, I'm typing away on a Dell keyboard with strange symbols all over it (thank God for touch-typing ... nice work, Kiki) on Internet Explorer 5 (a world without tabs! Who knew they still existed?) and Windows Pro. A far cry from my Santa Rosa MacBook, eh?

So, to cut this lamentation short, I bring thee more promises -- I swear I do have stuff written down, including wedding feast details (FEAST!) with photos and awesome shots of food across the water. I also have some non-food posts ready to go so that you may somewhat travel vicariously as well as eat that way, so that's coming soon. I'll be back in the States in just a week (and traveling through space and time, might I add ... the US is about a day behind, so technically, I'm currently writing from the future. Creepy, right?) and will talk your *eyes?* off upon my return.

Until then, y'all.