Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Brief Acknowledgement of the End of an Era

No, this is not food-related ... yet. Yesterday was the anniversary of my existence, and France celebrated with great enthusiasm, I hear. I celebrated with a bit less of a hubbub (they call my birthday Bastille Day overseas ...), but the food I ate here in the States was, I'd say, possibly on par with what they had in the land of the Gauls. I mean, I'm assuming, since I've never had the privilege of being in France, but my meal at Vintage in St. James, Long Island to celebrate my Quarter Century birthday/Quarter-Life Crisis was pretty damn awesome, thanks to careful research by Boy. I am ever a sucker for prime, dry-aged beef, red and virtually mooing on my plate.

There was a change of plans, I have to mention, for those observant ones who pay attention to blog and life. I'd been hoping to go to Butter or Smith & Wollensky for my birthday since Restaurant Week has conveniently kicked off in New York City, but unfortunately, a Tuesday is an awfully inconvenient day to have a birthday, Quarter-anything or not. But now that Boy and I are married ... well, he kind of has to make it work, and so it did.

Photos once I digest and upload them!

Sorry yet again for the sporadic posts -- I've been in and out of interviews, in and out of Manhattan (however, mostly more in than out of various forms of trains), and so time wears thin by the end of the day. Such is the cost of living in Eastern Long Island -- you trade commuting convenience for natural beauty and neighbors in McMansions. But we'll be moving westward towards the city as soon as we can, so watch out for my explorations of a new time as soon as we find a house!

*Promises, promises ...*

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  1. The restaurant week in NYC is glorious! Having those restaurants put up gastronomically and budget-pleasing deals puts me into a foodie fever. The event gave me (mostly my wallet) better chances at tasting NYC's finest.

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