Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I've Got Nothin'

I know - I suck. I haven't eaten anything particularly interesting as of late, other than having tried Panera Bread (that place is DELICIOUS!), since my options are pretty limited out in Eastern Long Island. Think franchised chains. Generic bagel shops and pizza joints. Even (*shudder*) fast food.

I've got nothing so far. This can also be partially attributed to the fact that I was broke for a while since I was job-hunting for a solid month, but now that I've rejoined the ranks of productive society and am once again gainfully employed, that'll change. Really.

Okay, realistically, probably when all of my free time isn't expended house-hunting. I've been looking at one depressingly antiquated (and not in the good way -- I'm talking 1970s antiquated, wood paneled walls and all ...) or gutted (why?! I can understand in New Orleans the plethora of gutted homes, but wtf happened here on Long Island?) or insanely small/dark/dreary homes. Pretty depressing, isn't it? Especially coming from a city full of picturesque cottages, stunning Mediterranean manors, and Victorian estates, while my new options are stilted Capes, boxy split-level high ranches, or ranches that need expanding. Unfortunately, all of these options are in nondescript blocks in nondescript suburbs.

I did, however, find my dream house in the exclusive and prestigious neighborhood of Idle Hour in Oakdale, Long Island, a mere two blocks from the docks. Unfortunately, although we presented a reasonable offer, the owner (who is currently living out of state) is refusing to negotiate due to "sentimentality about the house." Wtf?! Why is she SELLING the house then, at all? It's a niche market that would want a weathered wood-constructed contemporary home on a small lot with a loft master bedroom and Montauk stairs. No family will buy that dangerous of a house, and most young professionals like Boy and I are either living in lofts closer to the city or looking to buy a family home as a starter, not a dangerous but super-awesome-looking place. This irks me.

Anyway, once I get settled in, I can start exploring the town I'll eventually live in and tell all you good folks about what there is to eat there. But until then ...

Just wait for it ... ;)