Saturday, October 10, 2009

Guilty Pleasures: Caloric Overload -- Half Off!

Everybody loves food that's bad for them, and the case was never more true than the affair I had with Applebee's boneless buffalo wings. Half off after 10 PM, and in a sizable portion, who can resist at roughly $5 a pop? I couldn't, and got in the habit of using the carside service during lunch every day. In Bohemia, there's not much to choose from in terms of lunch options, and I figured, "Eh, chicken and Tabasco-based hot sauce ... and celery's not bad for me! It has negative calories!"

Well, binge-eater that I am, I got into a kick where boneless buffalo wings from Applebee's were all I wanted. So I ate them every single weekday for two weeks. I wondered to myself, "Why are my pants getting so tight? How am I getting fatter?"

Ends up that crunchy fried nuggets of white meat chicken, breaded and rolled in a thick, tangy, acidic buffalo wing sauce is far worse for you than you'd think. I looked up the calories, and one plate is a whopping 1724 calories ... which is a mere 276 calories off the average daily caloric intake! Add the usual 600 calories a home-cooked meal is, and say 450 calories for your morning bagel with butter, plus another 200 calories for the odd drink or two throughout the day, and you have ... umm, totally screwed-ness happening.

Needless to say. since my enlightening but less-than-awesome discovery, I've gotten off my kick and quickly out of necessity. Good-bye, normal pants; hello yoga pants. *Sigh*

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