Sunday, January 31, 2010

Food- (And Publishing!-) Related Goodness

It's always awesome when you forget about something you were excited about, and rediscover both it and the excitement. This just happened, as I received a check for a piece I did for the New Orleans Bride winter edition about the process of creating the perfect wedding cake. It seems that I'm currently on a behind-the-scenes streak, since I interviewed the lead designer for award-winning Gambino's Bakery in Louisiana to find out the process of creating what I call "the star of the reception."

Anyway, check it out!

P.S. Geaux Saints! Super Beauxl-bound! And what's going to be really interesting is that when you think about it Peyton Manning will have to make himself defeat his own hometown and hometeam their first time making it to the Super Bowl, which should be difficult in many ways for a native New Orleanian.

I've already got six feet of heroes, four pounds of macaroni salad, two pounds each of coleslaw and potato salad, and two olive and pickle trays ready for pickup Sunday morning from my favorite local supermarket, Best Yet. Boar's Head for everyone! And bread from Modern Italian Bakery, supplier of Long Island delis and my favorite, Campus Heroes. Yum! After all, the only time in my entire life I've cared about the Super Bowl needs to be commemorated with some serious food. Got wings, anyone? I'm out of funds :)

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