Monday, January 4, 2010

Sad Sadness In My Belly

Every time I come on here, I take a step back and go, "Gee, has it really been THAT long?"

Unfortunately, the answer always seems to be a resounding yes. And yet, I've eaten so much since my last post!

Christmas came and went, with spiral ham, penne a la vodka, fresh bread, rainbow cookies, pignolis, tilapia, creamed spinach, lasagna, honey glazed ribs, and other forms of delicious. In fact, three Christmases came and went, considering that dinners were consumed at both Boy's mom's, his dad's, and my own parents' place.

Unfortunately, part of the reason posting has been so much less frequent than days of yore, other than my obnoxiously draining personal life (I actually cried last night from being overexhausted ... wtf?!) is also because I haven't been eating and enjoying the act of eating that much as of late, which is essentially hell on earth for me, considering that I'm probably one of the most food-obsessed people one could ever meet.

Apparently, according to online forums, I have some kind of incurable disease that's a blend of acid reflux and convoluted hiccups. It's making me dizzy, lightheaded, and afraid to eat with the abandon and zeal to which I am accustomed. So I've been trying to be good for fear of hurting myself.

Gut, we were once such good friends. What happened?

I guess the doctor will tell me in a week when all my tests come back in. *Sigh.*

In the meantime, let us discuss new year's and its epicurean festivities soon.

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