Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Guilty Pleasures: Give Me That Fiiiiiish ... Ohhh!

So way, waaay, back in the day, in one of my first posts, I wrote a post that was essentially a comparative study of fast food fish fillet sandwiches. (You can go back in time and read it here.) And now, sadly to say, that guilty pleasure is back in my life.

The first step down that slippery slope was the return of the Wendy's fish sandwich, white cod breaded with crisp little panko crumbs and its generous size rendering an additional sandwich unnecessary. However, McDonald's must have taken note of the quality of Wendy's sandwich -- they've since engaged in an aggressive battle for fish fillet sandwich sales, the likes of which are so epic that oblivious consumers cannot even ignore.

It started with the Wendy's fish sandwich commercial, which touted the many finer points of their superior fish fillet, and got me super-psyched and put me in "must-have" mode, a condition that comes out raging when limited editions of food is announced. (If Lent is good for anything, it's a plethora of new seafood options!) Around $3-4 each, it's not a bad value compared to most Wendy's sandwiches, or compared to any large fast food sandwiches, as prices have skyrocketed in the past few years.

Enter McDonald's into the ring, with a brilliant little jingle first introduced a year ago sung by a fish on the wall, along with a promo deal for a Filet-o-Fish value meal for just $4.

And now ... it's back. As a text message! With a sweet deal of two of the fluffy soft sandwiches for only $3!

Offensive attack indeed! And good enough to make me forgive the use of the wrong "filet!"

Superior fish aside, who can turn down a bargain like that, when the other option is to get only one sandwich for what is now the price of two? Granted, you're now consuming more bread, more tartar sauce (especially freaks like me, who turn their fish sandwiches into vehicles for tartar sauce ... I literally have to ask staff to make it "disgusting" for it to be enjoyable for me), and probably equal amounts of fish, but two is always more than one ... even if it isn't, really. Even if I know that the meat per sandwich is less, or that I'm just foisting empty carb calories on myself, it's still ... two. For the price of one.

And the catchy commercial that sticks in my head just makes it even more tantalizing, each time the ditty loops in my brain creating a fresh burst of craving for a fish sandwich.

Anyway, here's the commercial for 2010, with the same two guys and the same awesome fish. Please excuse me while I take this time to eat two 380+ calorie sandwiches and oversalted fries. *Sigh.* Yes, I am weak.

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