Thursday, July 8, 2010

Gratuitous Sexiness: "And We Shed What Was Left of Our Summer Skin"

Well, I logged on today just to talk about how excited I am for my friend Lisa's wedding this Saturday at the renowned Blue Hill at Stone Barn in Pocantico Hills, Westchester, New York, and instead was treated to a fun array of new blog design styles available through Blogger. The new, much more food-friendly background and summery color scheme are much more fitting to the cheery topics I like to write about than the somewhat garish magenta template I had before, eh? Ironically, my day job (still) is at a web design agency and the majority of my colleagues are designers, so this blog could potentially be super kickass ... but I don't make my friends work for free, and this blog don't make no dollas to pay anyone with. So here we are.

I know you're all (the loyal few that continue to trek back after months of ringing silence) sick of my tired excuses, but things have been so busy! There have been good things happening, bad things, and things in between. The good is that I'm writing print for food again! Yay! A restaurant review I wrote, along with photos taken during that outing, will be appearing in next week's Long Island Press, so I'm pretty stoked about that. It was originally supposed to go to press yesterday, but their regular food editor handed in a piece, and since he has seniority, well, mine got pushed back. But we've all got to start (over) somewhere, right, to get back into the field you love?

*Ooh* Just got a weird wave of deja vu. Is that good, or is it bad? Only time will tell.

Other personal stuff in the good news realm: I found my camera! So Hawaii pictures will soon be up ... maybe next weekend, I hope? This weekend is a regular maelstrom of fat people activity (Lisa's wedding [more on that later], dinner with the grandparents-in-law, my hilarious sister-in-law Erica's Tastefully Simple party, and cooking) interspersed with ambitious plans for active activities like kayaking, running and/or kickboxing. Therefore, this weekend is clearly out for some dedicated writing time, unless I somehow find the energy on Friday to build a will to live. ;-)

Another good thing is that I've gotten my fat ass back into kickboxing! You eat the way I do, and take as much satisfaction from it as I do, and you're bound to become a heart disease statistic. My inspiration? Said sister-in-law with her fiendish compulsion to exercise (which works out rather well with my all-or-nothing life motto) and a good friend, Kat, who made me get off my ass and explore my own neighborhood with fresh eyes, reminding me just how much I actually LOVE being active. So yay me, as I slowly work towards a green belt in Thai kickboxing on the weekends, and do combat cardio/kickboxing routinely during the week, both with incredible instructors. (Trust me; I know - I visited 7 places before committing to either one, and was torn between the two for a week!)

The worst of my bad stuff is of course writing-related, as the majority of my life's ups and downs revolve around just that. I was absolutely thrilled to be writing a real deal five-year Katrina anniversary article for the high end local publication The Long Island Pulse, but due to the disastrous oil spill and space constraints for the issue it was slated to appear in, the odds are that it's not going to happen. Which sucks, obviously, after I'd spent over two months painstakingly researching the necessary statistics and drafting version after version until I was happy with my submitted one. *Sigh.*

Although there's still a 50% chance it may go to print, it doesn't look too good for me, and it's little less than a crushing blow considering how much of my heart and soul I put into it to convince Long Islanders that New Orleans is most certainly still an amazing vacation destination ... and that it's my first article ever not to make it into print, after being negotiated and commissioned.

But ... positive thinking?! I can still keep my fingers crossed until July passes us by and the deadline blows out the water. With my love of New Orleans, I'm really invested in this piece and hope it makes it out since people are always focusing on the negative for sensationalism today, that it's nice to be able to publicly say, "But wait! The media lies, and here's some good news that's true!"

As for things in between? Well, I've been cooking a lot, culturing my own marinades for grilling (maybe I'll even share a recipe or two as my brain melts in this heat wave ... which, by the way, I just want to point out to the Northerners who constantly say they could never move South due to the heat ...? Um, 100 degrees on South Shore Long Island the other day; 84 in New Orleans. Any comments/protests? Yeah; didn't think so!), which I've become very fond of thanks to our lovely gas-start charcoal Weber grill. Work is work is work, so that's kind of meh, but other than that, Boy and I are just gettin' by ... much like the rest of y'all.

Happy summertime, folks - what's good, bad, and just okay this season for you?

P.S. This post quotes an old song by Death Cab for Cutie, in case you're not familiar, an emo guilty pleasure of mine for when I'm feeling a little off-color or ready to paint in blues and purples. Boy says it's music that makes you want to be sad and kill yourself. I think it's only sometimes.