Saturday, January 25, 2014

Gratuitous Sexiness: Grits, Almighty!

I heart brunch. I heart it so much and so hard that my actual heart might explode from so much hearting.

I especially heart when brunch blends Southern comfort food with New American touches and elegant plating with outstanding, farm-fresh ingredients.

This is an example of perfection on a plate, my breakfast brunch last month at Tabbard Inn in Washington, DC. Cheesy grits, beautifully fried sweet oysters, perfectly poached eggs and a crisp pork belly, accented with microgreens and scallions. *Dies.*

(I Yelped this here if you want to check out the main points of dining here, but it's not the love letter it deserves. I need blog space to do that, so this goes on my to-do list as well.)