Sunday, January 19, 2014

NOLA Love from LINY

As the weather gets colder ("Polar Vortex," anyone?) here in this snowy sandbar, it's harder than ever to ignore the cheery Facebook posts from old friends in New Orleans. "Jazzfest lineup announced!" "King cakes now available!" "Broke my tooth on a plastic baby!" ... and the like. 

I've now been away from my heart's city for a long two years, and it genuinely hurts my soul to think about how long I haven't been a resident of one of the most incredible places I've ever been privileged not only to visit, but to have been a part of its lifeblood. 

It seems that much has changed, and it was an honor to help and promote the businesses I so believed in reach the heights that they've soared to. I remember when Sucre was brand-new, limited to one darling location on Magazine Street. I still recall the first time that I met Chef Michael Stoltzfus of (only, at the time) Coquette, who then provided my wedding party with the most memorable dinner of that weekend. It seems like just yesterday that Boucherie was just a purple food truck; Mahony's just another newcomer who hadn't sorted out their fried green tomato po-boy to perfection yet; and Justin Devillier of La Petite Grocery wasn't a TV celebrity with his own Wikipedia page.

It's even harder to realize that I've been out of touch enough, through this blog's email not being synced up correctly, to miss thousands of announcements, press releases, and the incredible opportunities this amazing city had to offer. So although it hurts my heart a little to see it (I literally couldn't even watch Top Chef this season because it made me too mopey and homesick), I do enjoy the little friendly waves of "hello" I experienced when I went through each email, one by one today. 

Although I no longer live there physically, there's a part of my consciousness and being that will live there always. So that being said, I'll do my best to continue to post things I hear on the grapevine about this captivating city, and instead of being sad and nostalgic, longing to be on the steps across from Jackson Square eating a greasy Central Grocery muffuletta, I'll keep cheering on this scrappy city that has only gotten better year after year.

Because, YES ... #iknowwhatitmeans.